Thor the Darker World – The Third Thor Movie Review

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Thor the Dark Universe is the third entry in Marvel’s well-liked Thor series. If you’ve ever read the first of all two Thor books, then you’ll know that Thor and Anne Foster experience quite the storied history. Together they have fought for that million years to protect their particular people and maintain the Asgardians and other cultures safe from breach by the enemy forces of your dead gods. However since things started to get out of hand in Asgard following Loki murdered Odin and overtook, Odin moved into covering in order to get backside at Loki. To protect his people, Thor has joined up with forces together with his brother Loki to prevent him from being successful.

This movie expands on the story of Thor the Dark World and provides a lot of insight into what is going on in Asgard and the lives of the people there. We start to get a better idea of just what has happened in Asgard and in which Thor is usually leading they from. We see glimpses within the People’s Officer and what’s happening with Sif. We also get to see the difference between the persons under the command word of the Individual’s Guard as well as the groups preventing under Odin’s leadership.

We all also learn about the history of Thor the Dark World as well as the events prior to this incredibly current circumstances. Much of the action happens in the Netherverse, which is an alternate reality that connects to our own. For many years the government of the world has been trying out new technology and allowing numerous races to go to the other side belonging to the universe. But because of Loki’s meddling, Thor wonderful brother happen to be stranded in the normal market as a result. To ensure the safety of the people coping with Asgard, Thor has went on a search for find the modern God of Thunder. Likewise, we learn a bit more regarding Odin and how he will secret Asgard and beyond.